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What is the value of a Web Domain?

 The Grandaddy of internet domain names is the .COM although now, there are many other extensions used all over the world. 

The .COM is still, by far, the most valued extension, followed by .NET and individual Country codes such as .EU Etc. .ORG is sought by organizations and non profits.

Your internet address, should be unique in it's simplicity, and should be able to pass the "RADIO TEST"!  That is, if heard on the radio, would your customer know how to spell it!

Simple, English, Generic names are prized.


The domain sold for over $2 million dollars.

The domain sold for over $10 Million dollars.


Our domain is an amalgam of those two names.


Your Domain is your identity to the world.  It should say who you are and what you do. Online, you often only have about 6 seconds to convince your visitors to stay on your site.

Your Web Address is a crucial part of gaining attention at a time of ever shortening attention spans.


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